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Roundtable with Steve Cernak

The roundtable focuses on a retrospective analysis of the Allison(GM)/ZF transaction, 1993. The Allison transaction illustrates the question of competitive pressure from outside the market that merger guidelines require to define. In the transaction, the DoJ defined a narrow market following standard static tools like the SSNIP…

Roundtable with Doug Melamed


The roundtable will focus on Prof Doug Melamed’s recent paper titled “Mergers involving nascent competitors”. The paper advances a framework for a narrow prohibition of such mergers, based on Section 2 of the Sherman Act. More broadly, the roundtable will offer a forum to discuss the law…

Roundtable with Peter Klein

In a 2022 paper, “The Entrepreneurial State: An Ownership Competence Perspective”, Prof Murtinu Foss and Klein call attention against overconfidence in government officials’ ability to substitute entrepreneurs. The roundtable will allow a discussion of the opportunities and limitations of the Entrepreneurial State. It will also…

Dynamic Competition Initiative

Supported by UCBerkeley, EUI, and VU Amsterdam

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