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Roundtable with Doug Melamed


The roundtable focused on Prof Doug Melamed’s recent paper titled “Mergers involving nascent competitors”. The paper advances a framework for a narrow prohibition of such mergers, based on Section 2 of the Sherman Act. More broadly, the aim with the roundtable was to offer a…

Roundtable with Neil Chilson


In his book, Neil Chilson makes the case that the best response to complexity is an emergent mindset that seeks opportunities to “get out of control.” This mindset requires people to embrace their autonomy as individuals and admit limitations as part of something larger.The emergent…

Roundtable with Carmelo Cennamo


The Roundtable will explore M&As in Platform Markets: Understanding the Dynamic Relation between Corporate Activities and Market Activities.Abstract: This paper analyzes the impact of corporate activities such as M&As and CVC Investments on market activities (such as new firm entry and exit, new investment, etc.),…

Online event: Competition & Innovation


EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE:INNOVATION & COMPETITION The Dynamic Competition Initiative is pleased to share the recording of our online event entitled “Innovation & Competition”. We presented our latest research on the interplay between competition and innovation, including a systematic literature review and new evidence. Frederic Jenny, Chair of…

Dynamic Competition Initiative

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